This Is Why People Love Maroon 5

If you are a music lover, you must be love maroon 5 either their music or the vocalist's voice color. maroon 5 is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. They have 6 members and there is Ryan Dusick which is their past member. There are so many things that we can discuss about their music. If we are talking about voice wise, the vocalist; the most famous person in band, has a unique voice color. There are so many singers out there who have a nice voice but only some of them who have the unique voice color. This is why people tend to love this kind of voice color because it is so fresh and gives them different vibes. If you are wondering why Adam is the only famous member, the first reason must be he is the front man. This is the case about lead singer. As we know that the front man is the one that you will see the most, he is like the center of attention. That is why people tend to see the vocalist first since sometimes vocalists have different auras than other members especially when they perform on stages.

Speaking of music wise, there is no doubt that Maroon 5's music is loved by everyone. They drop so many hit and popular songs and sweep the world's charts as well. Besides, they also have some biggest Billboard hits that make them even so popular in the music industry. It makes you hard to choose your favorite songs since you love all of their songs. There is something in their songs that makes you do not want to stop listening to, and then your love for them will grow even bigger. It is still fresh in our mind that their song "Sugar" makes people especially women in the world going wild, not only the song itself but also the music video that makes them so jealous to death. It shows that this band has the effect and their own aura that makes them stay in the industry for so long.

Do You Know All About Miley Cirus?

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If you are the Hannah Montana's lovers, you will know all about miley cyrus whether it is her personal life and her career in the entertainment industry. People in the whole world go wild when she comes out with a very sensational and different image as people know her as a lovely and good girl in her past career as an entertainer. There are so many pros and contras about her especially when she drops her Wrecking Ball song which is the most sensational news at the time. She comes out like a different girl with different persona on stage. Her transformation makes public cringe since there is a very huge difference between her and the old Miley Cyrus. It is no doubt that the song itself has a spot in public's place. People can feel the song that is so nice to be listened to, it is an easy listening song as well. Despite the controversy she brings out, she comes with a nice song that still can steal people's hearts.

When people being asked why they love her songs, nobody refuses her songs but the haters. Some of them must be say that they are not a fan and just a casual listener that will listen to her songs once she drops the albums. But if we are talking about music wise, her songs are being well in the industry, her songs are awesome that make them stay in the top charts. Some are agree that she makes good songs. Besides that her songs are so meaningful, some people might find it hard to choose their favorite ones. She is a good singer after all, she breaks the rules and does not care about what people say about her anymore which is a good thing as an entertainer to be survived in the industry.


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